How to Qualify for Lifeline

In order to qualify for Lifeline phone service you must look at the prerequisites that determine your eligibility. The Lifeline phone is a government benefit program that is capable of helping the 32 million households in the United States that qualify for this program. If you are in need of Lifeline service first you must … Continue reading How to Qualify for Lifeline

Refer your Friends and Gain FREE Money!

enTouch Wireless will give you cash for every friend or family member you refer and that signs up for our FREE mobile service! How It Works Download the app or login on your computer Tell your friends and family how to get FREE wireless service from Get cash for each successful sign up! Once … Continue reading Refer your Friends and Gain FREE Money!

Everything you need to know about the Lifeline Program

Cell phone services are very crucial when it comes to connecting people to their family and friends, to work, to doctors, police, and firefighters. Some people cannot afford a cell phone along with other expenses, so they unfortunately lose the ability to connect with vital parts of their lives. The Lifeline Program is a solution … Continue reading Everything you need to know about the Lifeline Program

Using Lifeline as a discount™

Often times Lifeline carriers provide a free phone for their customers who qualify for Lifeline assistance, the free cell phone benefit provided by the government.  (This service is sometimes referred to as an “Obama phone.”)  Even though these phones are appreciated by users who don’t have an alternative, oftentimes these free phones are substandard, and … Continue reading Using Lifeline as a discount™