Everything you need to know about the Lifeline Program

Cell phone services are very crucial when it comes to connecting people to their family and friends, to work, to doctors, police, and firefighters. Some people cannot afford a cell phone along with other expenses, so they unfortunately lose the ability to connect with vital parts of their lives. The Lifeline Program is a solution for people with that issue.

In order to keep all Americans connected, enTouch Wireless is getting support from the Lifeline Program. Consumers who qualify can receive free cell phone service. After you are approved for Lifeline you will receive no bills and there will be no expense to you. New minutes will be applied to your account every 30 days as long as you keep your account active.

The Lifeline Program allows you to continue to receive enTouch Wireless’ free service for as long as you 1) meet the eligibility requirements and 2) keep your benefit active as noted below.

To be eligible: You must:

1) Provide proof of participation in an eligible program or meet the income-based requirements

2) Complete and sign an enTouch Lifeline application. When you sign your application, you are confirming your eligibility to receive free, federally and/or state-funded Lifeline assistance. You are also confirming that you are the head of household and that your household receives only one Lifeline discount.

To keep your benefit active:

  • Activate phone service upon receipt by calling 1.319.471.4802.
  • Regularly use your phone to keep connected to friends, family, health care providers, and your community.
  • Make a call or receive a call at least once every 30 days.
  • Purchase additional minutes if you need them.
  • Every year, enTouch Wireless will contact you to verify that you still qualify for Lifeline benefits (Annual Recertification). If you do not respond in a timely manner, your service will be discontinued.

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